Alex was ‘adopted’ by my friend and Project Manager Innocent two years ago. Alex’s father abandoned his family due to his mental health issues and his mother didn’t have the money to feed her family and pay school fees for her children. Innocent, who appreciates all the help he has had from my friends and family over the years, felt he wanted to ‘give something back’ by helping young Alex and welcoming him into his family which he has done wholeheartedly even though life is a continual struggle for him.

Alex has been a great help to Innocent and his wife Betty since he arrived, doing jobs around the home compound, collecting water from the borehole, looking after the pigs, digging in the ‘garden’, and being big brother to young Norman while there has been no school. Actually he had only just started at secondary school when Covid struck! Alex struggled with all subjects because he didn’t understand English so we got Innocent to hire a teacher to give him lessons in preparation for his return to school as soon as schools open so we hope he will find learning easier now. At the moment Alex says he wants to be a car mechanic and he’s been gaining experience at the local car repair shop. Innocent says he is enjoying his work experience a lot but has reminded him that he must go back to school and pass his exams if he wants to go to college which is his aim. Hopefully schools will open in February. Through me telling Alex’s story, I am pleased to say that another wonderful donor came forward to help us help him with his education. I’m so grateful. x

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