News about my young friends in Uganda

Now an update on the young people my husband and I support, along with help from several wonderful sponsors. Paul, Emma, Alex, Nico and Innocent.

Firstly Paul: Since March when the virus hit Uganda, and up until three months ago, Paul had been at home in his outlying village living with his mum but was continually worrying about missing out on his uni studies and training. He is studying Clinical Medicine and Community Health. The university was sending out study notes but the remoteness of Paul’s home is such that it’s often difficult to get a signal for mobile phones and especially not to download lots of material. This, added to the problem of charging his laptop, was making it very difficult for him. Though his mum and little brother Emma love having him at home and he’s a great help in the garden (farm), he jumped at his older brother Bosco’s suggestion that he move to the large town of Jinja and work alongside him at the hospital. Bosco is a nurse who has also previously had our help with his education.
At first I was a bit dubious as it would be taking Paul into a less safe environment with the Covid situation. But after talking to Paul and hearing how he felt I realised he couldn’t just sit back and wait for this pandemic to pass. I’m happy to say that Paul is finding the work at the hospital very interesting and fulfilling. I was amazed that within a couple of weeks he was giving immunisations and doing procedures such as attaching cannulas! He tells me he was particularly nervous giving a vaccination to his first baby! I am sure all the experience will benefit him in the future. Importantly he is now able to keep up with his studies too and is preparing for his return to university in early January, though I’m still rather doubtful about this actually happening but do hope all goes to plan for him.

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