Hi friends,

Thank you to all of you who have donated towards the desks and blackboards for Good Luck Junior School in Uganda. There are only four desks remaining to be sponsored which is wonderful news! All the blackboards have now been catered for.

Sorry for the delay in the making of the last 21 desks out of the 42 needed for the six classrooms. The reason for the delay is simply because there weren’t the trees available! Life is so different in a country like Uganda, beautiful but different!

Innocent told me on 19/9:

‘The rainy season is on here and people have planted alot , so it has been quite hard to find a tree in free space that even if we cut it there are no plants to destroy . But thank God today we got two trees to cut and i have paid for them , soon I will be organising to cut them for timber which timber we shall be using for the desks’.

The district, as in much of East Africa, has had a long dry season so as soon as the rains started so did the planting. Every inch of space counts so they plant right up to the trees. They need every bean, every maize kernel, every cassava root, every groundnut, to dry and store for the next unpredictable dry season. Not an inch of planting space is wasted. So understandably our need for timber for the desks has to wait.

Then on the 23/9 Innocent wrote:

‘Yesterday the trees I bought for timber were cut but the timber I got from the trees were only close to half the timber I need for the 21 desks, so we are still looking for trees for timber to secure enough timber for the 21 desks.

On 2nd October he said, ‘Still looking for trees , we got some trees which were enough to do the 21 desks but if we were to buy them then we would have to wait until they harvest what is the garden where the trees are.

The harvesting might be in December, so that would mean waiting till then, but I and Ibra are still looking for trees for timber.’ (NB – Ibra is the head teacher of Good Luck Junior School who is so grateful for what we are doing for his school.)

Then this morning I received this good news: ‘Yesterday I bought a tree and hoping to cut it tomorrow.’

So as long as the tree creates enough timber, Innocent will be busy organising the building of the remainder 21 desks and soon those of you who have not yet received photos of your desks already, will do very soon!

The Ugandan government has given the impression that the schools will not go back now until the new school year at the beginning of February as they want all the teachers, medical staff and security personnel vaccinated. Who knows if they will achieve that, as it’s not clear if enough vaccinations are even available in Uganda yet! We can only hope and pray that rich countries like ours are fair and share their vaccinations! Will they?

Anyway at least the children at Good Luck Junior School will be so happy with your gifts of the classrooms, desks, blackboards and not forgetting the wonderful new block of ten latrines! Thank you from everyone you are helping, including me, as I feel a real need to help those who deserve better, but it is only with your help that I achieve my goals!

Please get in touch if you can donate for one of the last desks. £20 will let another four children sit comfortably in school. And don’t forget you can dedicate your desk to someone for a birthday etc or have your favourite saying painted on it! Like the ones in the last post.


The tree that will be cut down tomorrow to make the remaining desks. This will give the present owner some income and he will plant another tree or two too.

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