Wonderful news!

Wonderful news! You’ve done it! All the desks and blackboards have now been sponsored! So, since I returned from Uganda early last year, just before Covid hit the world, with your kindness and generosity, we have built two classroom blocks creating 6 classrooms, one block of ten latrines (4 each for the boys and girls and two for the teachers), 42 desks which will seat 168 children and 6 big new shiny blackboards! Wow, another achievement that I can’t thank you enough for!

The tree has been felled as you can see by the video, and Innocent is now busy getting the timber prepared for the remaining 21 desks to be made. In the meantime Nico has been working with another carpenter who is also deaf, and has made chairs and tables which will come in very useful for the teachers!

So now all we need is for Uganda 🇺🇬 to get the vaccinations that we and the other rich countries promised them, so that the teachers can get their vaccinations to allow schools to reopen and give these children the education they long for and deserve! Keep hoping and praying! I’ll certainly let you know when it happens!! X

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