Happy Anniversary to my family, 20 years since Kilimanjaro!

HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY to my wonderful family Norman, Nicola and Sara. 20 years ago today we reached the summit of Kilimanjaro 🇹🇿 in celebration of my 50th birthday! This experience is what led me to return to Africa and my wonderful life in and love for Uganda 🇺🇬 Many of you have been ‘with me’ on my adventures and I’ve really loved that too! 😊

My family on the summit. I’m holding the flag that Vernon Infant School gave me to plant at the top. Vernon and the head teacher the late Mrs Dee Cooper, was responsible for my African adventure extending to Uganda!
I’ve shared my story and knowledge of Kilimanjaro with the schools I’ve taught in in Uganda 🇺🇬. The children have really enjoyed learning about Africa’s highest mountain!
And the work they’ve produced has been amazing too. Hoping and praying I get back to Uganda again soon!

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