Home at last!!

Hi all, a short post to let you know Gerry is back home safely today after an exhausting journey from St James – it started at 8am local (5 am GMT) on Saturday, via Jinja, Kampala, Lake Victoria hotel, Entebbe airport, Kigali airport, Brussels airport and finally good old Ringway, eventually getting to Poynton at 11.15am  today (Sunday). Tea and toast have been consumed – now it’s snoozing in front of catchup TV. Give her a day or two or three and she’ll be back on this blog with the latest news. Best regards Norman.

5 thoughts on “Home at last!!

  1. Jean Churchman says:

    Hello, Gerry and Norman, Welcome home to Gerry and love to you both – have a good few days enjoying being together again before writing updates and starting any busy fundraising activities. Thanks for keeping us all informed with your interesting emails. Now take a rest, Gerry! God bless, Jean and John.

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