First night in Kasozi village

8 pm Friday night sat outside in the moonlight with Mum Monica cooking gnut sauce over a charcoal stove beside me. All I can see is the light from embers and occasionally her smile when I try to strike up a little conversation with her. She just laughs shyly. We don’t really need words, we just feel comfortable in each other’s company.

Megan the girl that helps mum in the home and garden is busy ironing on the ‘shade’, veranda , using a charcoal iron! I’ve never seen one in use before!

Paul and I did the first mosquito net delivery this’d evening getting back when the sun was setting. I think I’ve got used to the terrible poverty but each new place I go to I know I never will. I shake every hand that’s offered to me from kneeling women and children and feel the rough hands of the men as they clasp one of mine between both of theirs shaking profusely, obviously thanking me for caring just a little bit. I know what I do is only a drop in the ocean but I have to admit to feeling very pleased and privileged to even be able to do so little.

I had another ‘first ‘ tonight, bathing outside in the moonlight! No kidding! I had to really organise myself as it was dark but I coped and really enjoyed the experience! Only one slight worry at the beginning, and that was that white bodies show up in the dark but then I thought what the heck and just made the most of it! I’ll be doing the same tomorrow!

No photos until I get back to Innocents on Sunday.

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